The art of photography
Where photography is art

‘Pap Art’ is an online platform that sells limited edition prints and original
artworks by established photographers, artists and designers worldwide.
Founded in 2004 by ex-Paparazzi photographer David Koppel, ‘Pap Art’ is a
registered UK trade mark in Class 16 in respect of works of art ; to include
works of art made of photographs and paints: framed paintings, unframed
paintings, drawings, reproductions; artwork produced with the use of
silkscreen printing.
In the tradition of it’s predecessor, ‘Pop Art’, and a direct influence of it’s
acknowledged master, Andy Warhol, ‘Pap Art’ brings 'Pop Art' into the digital
age, pushing boundaries and merging photography, painting, design, collage
and fine art to create individual and unique artworks.
Working with original negatives and directly with photographers, ‘Pap Art’
seeks to bring new and exciting interpretations of classic photographs to a
wider art loving audience as well as offering the original works themselves,
digitally restored.
Images have been scanned, cleaned, enhanced, re-mastered and printed on
high quality fine art papers to exacting standards. Crafted prints are
available, hand signed by the photographers themselves and available in
varying sizes.
Formerly housed in the Saint Giles Street Gallery which ran as a physical
space for over 15 years, we have now streamlined our service to an ever
discerning online audience worldwide.
As an experienced gallery and art consultancy possessing years of
knowledge and experience in the marketplace, we offer a simple but efficient
service to our customers around the world.