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61 x 46cm Mixed Media, acrylic paint on photograph on canvas.

The original photograph, taken by Koppel of Boy George and George Michael in the VIP room at London's Limelight Nightclub in 1987, was a rare black and white portrait of the two gay icons of pop at the height of their 1980's fame.

Reputed to have a mutual dislike of each other they were inextricably linked by their fame, their sexuality, their unique and instantly recognisable voices and the fact that they both served jail time for sexual misdemeanour and drug possession respectively, which is where the title of the piece is derived.

Kiki was supplied with a black and white photograph on canvas from which he then had free reign to express himself, putting a blue mask over Boy George and painting pink flowers in Michael's hair.

This is a one of piece. An original and unique item.

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