Joanna Lumley filming Ab Fab , NYC, 1994.

Joanna Lumley filming Ab Fab , NYC, 1994.

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Joanna Lumley filming Ab Fab , NYC, 1994

Shot on the rooftop of Carnegie Tower NYC during the filming of Absolutely Fabulous British TV production, this shot appears staged, composed, consensual and arranged but the truth behind this iconic image couldn't have been further from what it looks. Using guile, guts, charm and negotiation, Koppel engineered his way onto the roof of the Carnegie Tower, much to the chagrin of BBC producer Jon Plowman.

Commissioned by the News of the World, Koppel negotiated his way up on the roof posing as a member of the crew before being asked to leave and holding up production by hiring a helicopter to shoot form the air. The BBC and Saunders were terrified of the consequences and a deal was struck to allow Koppel 30 seconds with Lumley. In the words of Lumley herself, she explained to Koppel when he got stuck int the lift with her and an irate Saunders later that day, "It's a bit much, holding the BBC to ransom".

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